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New Brew Houses from JADE
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Brew House 100 hl / brew up to 12 brews / day - Will Be Made in According to Your Order!

High quality European made brew house made by order. The equipment concept is highly modularized and brewing process is based on Meura technology with hammer mill and mash filter. Brewing capacity can vary from 4 to 12 brews / day depending on applied modules, level of automation and used ingredients. These brew houses can brew a large variety of quality beers including high gravity up to18° Plato which increases final beer production.

2020 - Linear Can Filler Seamer Wild Goose Evolution 5 capacity up to 3000 cph

Can Filling Block Linear Wild Goose 3000 cph for Various Beverages – 2020 Good condition can filler seamer block for beer, cider, cocktails, kombucha, wine and other beverages. Wild Goose patented seaming and filling technology has five filling time adjusted volumetric filling tubes and one head seamer with two seaming rolls. System has air pre-evacuation with CO2 before filling and after mechanical foam removal, full can tops are flushed with CO2 before placing a lids. After seaming, there is an outside can rinsing system with water. Filling process is fully automatic, controlled by PLC with touch screen.

2017 - Glass Bottle Filling Line for Beer and Carbonated Soft Driks FRAMAX 3000 bph

This filling line is currently filling beer in 330 ml glass bottles with crown caps. This complete line was delivered by Italian Framax in year 2017 and it has operated only about 2510 hours. It contains automatic depalletizer, self-adhesive labeller, tri-bloc bottling machine and carton box packaging machine. Bottling machine consist of 16 clamps rotating rinser with single hot water treatment, an isobaric 16 valve counterpressure filler with double air pre-evacuation with CO2 and a single head crowner.

2018 - BEER KEG Filling Line Fully Automatic MICROMAT 30 kph

Cood condition BEER KEG Filling Line Fully Automatic MICROMAT 30 kph was built by M+F KEG Technik in 2018 for internal cleaning and filling beer in 30 l stainless steel kegs with G fitting and KeyKegs. The line is suitable for filling of kegs with a wide range of beverages, including beer, cider, and soft drinks. Fully automatic cleaning and filling module has two station, first one for interior cleaning with cleaning detergent and second station for rinsing interior with hot fresh water, sterilizing it with steam and filling it with product. Comes with in feed and out feed roller conveyors and stacking tool.

Beer Brewery Two Vessel VELO 15hl/brew, two brews/day, up to 4000hl/annum

Complete two vessel beer brew line made by Italian VELO (currently TMCI Padovan) suitable for various beer types from ALEs to LAGER’s, non-alcoholic beers to strong, over 10% Imperial Stouts. Normal brew size has been 1500 liters and during high season, they have brewed 2 brews during 10-hour day.  Maximum batch of malt is 600 kg. Without adding sugar beer wort has been from 18.5 to 21 Plato and with sugar added, up to 35 Plato

2021 - Can Filling Line Wild Goose 3000 cph for Various Beverages

Excellent condition can filling line for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, like beer, cider, cocktails, kombucha, wine. The line consist of Zomerdink depalletizer with incorporated can rinser, Wild Goose Evolution 5 series filler-seamer block, Inline Filling Systems roll fed labeller for self adhesive labels and date coding, buffer table, semi-automatic Framax carton box erector-sealer and flexible roller conveyor for full carton boxes

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