Latest Arrivals

2015 Craft Brewery Kaspar Schultz 35 hl with Cider Production Line

Excellent condition and complete craft brewery with cider production unit started operation in year 2016 and is still in operation. The heart of brewery is Kaspar Scmidt copper cladded 35 hl brewblock which was completed with Spectac brewing technology. The brew house has a large over 12000 hl glycol cooled tank farm and own CIP system.Packaging area has been build keeping in mind flexible filling needs of a craft brewery & cider plant. It has a capability to pack aluminium cans, one way glass bottles, and PET bottles either with beer or cider. In additon there is 50 liter KEG line for beer. Filling technology is from Italian Matrix and Comac, labellers from P.E. Labellers, conveyors and palletizing systems from Mectra.

2017 - Palletizing System with 6 Fanuc Robots and one BEMA Silkworm Pallet Wrapper, cap 70 pallets/h

This is a large, fully automated palletizing system for three different PET bottle packaging line. Each line has two Fanuc robots, the first one makes layer configuration and the second one will stack the layers on pallets and insert carton pad between the layers. Two lines are for PET bottles in film shrink packs and one is for 5-liter PET bottles which will be placed on a large layer size tray and the layers are then stacked on a pallet. All three palletizing lines are feeding one pallet stretch wrapper. This palletizing system includes all pack and pallet conveyors and system control system.

Top Used Machinery

2014 Injection Blow Molding Machine Parker PK-55 IB

New like condition plastic bottle production unit with injection molding and blow molding on the same machine. This machine is designed to produce extremely smooth and elegant plastic bottles from resin to ready made bottles in one machine. The machine was manufactured in 2014 by Taiwanese Parker company but it has never been in commercial production, it has only approx. 300 operating / testing hours and thus almost unused. The machine produces 10 bottles simultaneously in four production sequences.