2005 Descifrador LanFranchi para botellas de PET, 12 000 bph - nunca instalado

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¡Nunca instalé el descifrador LanFranci, año 2005, para botellas redondas de PET con capacidad de 12000 bph, todavía en el empaque de fábrica!

Technical Details

  • Fabricante LanFranchi Italy
  • Tipo de fabricante Rotating LI STD 20-22
  • Hecho en año 2005
  • 12 000 bph
  • Aplicación PET Bottle Unscrambling and feeding in for filling

Unscrambler LanFanchi for PET Bottles 12 000 bph

Complete never installed PET bottle unscrambler system made by Italian LanFranchi in year 2005 - still in original delivery boxes. It is designed for 8 oz (0.237 liters), 20 (0.591 liters) and 33.8 oz (1.0 liters) PET bottles with the production capacity of 12000 bph. The delivery includes complete unscrambling system as follows:

Rotating Unscrambler

- Model Lift Master L1 STD 20-22

- Superior opening cover

- Vacuum Transfer star wheel at machine exit

- Speed control photocells at machine exit

- Electrical control cabinet in stainless steel with A/B components and UL certified

- No.1 set of handling parts for 0.237 and 1,0 l bottles and an adapter set for 0.591 liter

Bottle elevator for the in-feed of bottles to the superior part  of the unscrambler. Elevator built in stainless steel AISI 304. Complete with  supporting legs built in painted steel. L= 6.000 mm


Air Conveyor System with the following components:

- 3 m of straight conveying structure built in stainless steel  AISI 304.·

- One air blower  with filters

- One dump gate at in-feed of air conveyor

- One double hinge unit for bottle height adjustment

- Manual body guide adjustment·

- A set of supporting frames built in stainless steel AISI  304


Control system with Allan Bradley PLC and Zenon Software. Electric system is 460 V / 60 Hz