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2007 - Alumiinitölkkien kannen sulkija Angelus 12HM, kapasiteetti 72 000 cph

: 8682021

Hyväkuntoinen, suuritehoinen alumiinitölkin kannen sulkija ANGELUS 12HM, laitteeseen on tehty iso huolto kaksi vuotta sitten.

Technical Details

  • Valmistaja PSA Angelus
  • Valmistajan tyyppimerkintä Angelus 12HM
  • Valmistusvuosi 2007
  • Kapasiteetti 24000 - 72 000 cph
  • Tuoteryhmä Tölkin kannen valssaaminen kiinni
  • Seaming heads for Slick 200 and Regular 202
  • Min / Max can height 46 - 203 mm
  • Power consumption 18 - 38 kW
  • Electricity 380V / 50Hz
  • Control PLC Allan Bradley
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM
  • Seamer Angelus 12HM

Aluminium can seamer Angelus 12HM capacity 72 000 cph

This high-capacity seamer was manufactured in year 2007 by Angelus USA and it has been in production till Mars 2021. Model 12MH Angelus seamer is a base-mounted stainless-steel machine with enclosure, door interlocks and internal lighting. The machine has 12 pcs of sealed Titanium Nitride-coated Chromium Cobalt seaming rolls with ceramic bearings and Titanium Nitride-coated Chromium Cobalt seaming chucks. Seaming unit is oil-cooled and whole machine has automatic CIP system. It comes with two sets of seaming heads, one set for regular 202 and one set for slick 200 cans and a large set with original spare parts. This machine has also CO2 flushing and automatic oil lubrication and filtration system integrated into the enclosure. Can and end changeover is quick, it has motorized can height change and can centres are compatible with most fillers. Operation is carried out via local touch screen.