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2016 Automaattinen Sleeving Laite NORTAN 50

: 8282020 - O

Automaattinen sleeving laite lämmitetyllä kutistustunnelilla myynnissä. Laitteet ovat italialaisen Nortanin valmistamia vuonna 2016. Laitteen malli on NORTAN 50..

Technical Details

  • Valmistaja Nortan S.r.l. Italy
  • Valmistajan tyyppimerkintä NORTAN 50
  • Valmistusvuosi 2016
  • Kapasiteetti 5000 container / h
  • Tuoteryhmä Automaattinen Sleeving Laite
  • Höyryn kulutus 150-200 kg/h at 3 bar
  • Shrink tunnel internal temperature max 87° C

Automatic sleeve labelling machine with steam heated shrink tunnel by Italian Nortan in year 2016, model NORTAN 50. The machine is used for cutting a partial case label or a full case label and applying it onto cans or bottles. Then its fixed on the body of the container by heat-shrinking the film material in the thermal tunnel. Thermal tunnel is heated with low pressure steam and it has four separately controlled sections. It is suitable to thermal retraction of seals and cylindrical bottles of any shape or materials, both glass and PET. The sleeve labelling machine uses a moulded tubular thermal plastic PVC film and has an output of 5000 pc/h. This sleeve labelling machine can be used for various type of containers. Machine is equipped with an electronic device to change the length of the label in mm, a motor gear with an inverter for speed control, a frame completely coated with stainless steel, an electrical board and stainless-steel safety guards.