Миксер Moravek MIX 280 CE / J - 2007

: 7792020

Этот смеситель был изготовлен в 2007 году, отремонтирован в 2018 году, до сих пор работает до 02/2020 года и находится в отличном состоянии. Миксер Moravek модель CE / J подходит для всех типов газированных и негазированных напитков и безалкогольных напитков.

Technical Details

  • Производительность Moravek, Czech Republic
  • Модель Mix 280 CE/J
  • Дата выпуска 2007
  • Производительность 280 hl
  • Применение Смешивание негазированных и газированных безалкогольных напитков
  • Refurbished in 2018
  • CO2 range    0-9 g/liter
  • Mixing ratio range from 1:5 to 1:16
  • Control PLC Alan Bradley
  • Power installed 40 kW
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl
  • Mixer Moravek 280 Mix CE - Jl

Mixer Moravek MIX 280 CE/J

This mixer was made in 2007, refurbished in 2018, still in operation till 02/2020 and in excellent condition. The Moravek mixer model CE/J is designed for automatic production of a wide range of carbonated and still beverages from water and syrup with maximum capacity of 280 hl/h.  It is suitable for all types of carbonated beverages and soft drinks as well as both natural and flavoured mineral water and still and low carbonated beverages under an inert gas atmosphere (like ice-tea and energy drinks). CO2 content range is from 0 to 9 g / litre.

Moravek mixer is simple and easy to use. It has fully automatic cleaning procedures and beverage production can be changed simply and easily with up to 20 different recipes saved on PLC.  Mixing is batch based and does not require the dosing of the pump. Mixing is electronically adjusted making the process highly accurate. The mixer has Allan Bradley PLC with TFT display for operation controls.